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It’s been awhile…..

Our latest update for August!

Not say that we have forgotten about our updates BUT, thanks to all of you who are out there riding and coming to us for service!

Your repeat business is what keeps our doors open and pays the bills!

Now onto bike things…. as everyone knows, globally, the supply chain is still VERY slow.

We have received shipments from Sun, Trek & SEBikes this past month. It seems as fast as we can build them, they get sold. We have honored some layaway purchases and are gaining a small foothold on “in stock” bicycles.

Currently we have:

4 Sun Baja Fat Tire 7spd Trikes

1 Sun single speed adult trike

1 Sun 7-spd adult trike

1 Sun Baja Fat Tire c/b cruiser Matte Blk

5 Sun Baja Fat Tire c/b Step-thru – Mars Red

3 Sun Revolutions/Aluminum c/b crusiers

4 Sun Revolutions/Steel c/b cruisers

3 Electra 7-spd Cruisers

1 Electra 7-spd Townie

2 Trek Verve 1 Hybrid Medium

1 Trek Verve 2 Hybrid Low-Step Lg.

1 Trek Verve 2 Hybrid XL

1 Trek Verve 3 Hybrid Med.

1 Trek Verve 3 Hybrid Low-Step Lg.

1 Trek Marlin 4 MTB Lg

1 Trek 820 MTB Lg

1 Trek 820wsd MTB Lg

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